About Me

Buying or selling real estate is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will do in a lifetime. Proper representation is critical to ensure your interests are protected and your goals are met. You need someone who has the knowledge and drive to guide you through the process in a professional manner. Real estate is a business and I have made it my goal to pursue excellence for both my clients and myself.

Most agents will tell you that they have a passion for real estate and I’m no different. But unlike most other part-time agents, I have made a career in business and understand that real estate is not about pretty houses, but concrete financial results. Since graduating from Missouri State University with a B.S. in Administrative Management, I’ve worked in a variety of industries strategically guiding large operations and developing marketing programs to drive results. I started with UPS at 19 and have sought out opportunities which allowed me to grow in leadership, financial management, innovation and technology.

  • UPS: International Auditor/Operations Management/Account Executive
  • Higgins Marketing/Euro World Design: Marketing/ e-Commerce Manager
  • CSL Behring: Center Managment/Project Lead/Corporate Trainer
  • CoxHealth: Practice Manager 9 Physician/Mulit-Specialty Clinic

My passion for real estate started at 22 years old when I bought my first home. Two years later, I flipped the property and fell in love with the process. I bought my second home and repeated the process. When the market crashed, I was caught along with many others and endured the painful process of a short sale. While no one wants to experience a short sale, it is now a valuable life experience that I use the information I gained to help my clients.

Once the economy stabilized, I went back into the market and am currently preparing to sell my current home, which I bought as a foreclosure. Not only do I work in real estate for my clients, I invest personally which gives me first-hand knowledge of the market and its trends.

I entered my full-time real estate practice in 2015, and have achieved $1.3 million in sales in my first 6 months. I believe that professional representation is comprised of communication guided by integrity and next, skill guided by resourcefulness. I work with my clients to fully understand their goals and needs then create a plan to achieve them. By using a systematic approach to market analysis coupled with the business acumen to properly interpret the results, I use my skills to properly design an effective plan to help my clients buy and sell their property. Don’t rely on your friend’s, brother’s cousin who has their license, to just handle the paperwork for you. Choose a local Realtor® whose professionalism and marketing strategy standout from the average agent.